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Prohibited Activities and Scripts

For the security and stability of our servers, we prohibit the use or hosting of certain activities and scripts that can negatively impact our systems or lead to illegal or abusive behavior. If any of the following are found on your account, we will terminate it immediately without prior notice:

  • Spam, unsolicited bulk emails, or any form of email abuse
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) bots or services
  • Proxy servers or anonymizing services
  • Email bombing tools or services
  • Anonymous email services
  • IP spoofing or masking tools
  • Port scanning tools
  • Torrent clients or trackers
  • Hivemail or similar email delivery services
  • Scripts that provide telnet or SSH access
  • Proxy scripts or services
  • Backup files or services (we do not provide backup services)
  • Abusive or excessive use of CPU resources
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks or tools
  • The lstmrge.cgi script
  • The phpShell script
  • The FormMail.cgi or scripts from Matt's Script Archive
  • Cryptocurrency mining scripts or services
  • Any illegal activities or services
  • Fake email services or tools

We take the security and integrity of our systems seriously. Engaging in any of the above activities will result in immediate account termination. Please use our services responsibly and lawfully.